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Henry Bates

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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for May 17, 2015

           This I believe absolutely ... we did not come into this world with a "have not" consciousness.  We did not come into this world believing in lack and limitation.  We did not come into this world believing that we must struggle financially.  We did not come into this world believing that "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer" ... we did not ... not one of us.  And we know this for we know that there is no G-d of separation but a Spirit Omnipresent ... omnipresent Good.  There is no god of the rich and god of the poor.  And karma is just a man-made idea that truly serves us only when we know how to use it constructively.  No one is born into this world with bad karma for that would defy the unconditional love of G-d and define G-d in man's image.  

            We learned these things from the world.  Why?  Because the world consciousness believes these things absolutely and this absolute dominant consciousness creates impressions upon our consciousness that cause us to believe in these things or even worse things.  This is why the Master Mind Jesus declared that we are to
"be in the world but not of the world" ... and this is the most important thing we must know in order to win the game of Life.  But ... most of us were not told this or if we were told it we did not understand it or the person who told us what it means defined it with so much religious-mumbo-jumbo that we just didn't get it.  By the time we had acquired the realization that this is a key to experiencing the abundant life, we had already accepted so many things that we must give up in order to accept the truth.

         Lillian deWaters in her classic 1922 book, "How To Have Abundance" gives us a testimony of what happens when we embody this "not of this world" state of consciousness:
"Faith believes in the invisible perfection rather than outward appearances. There is no way to prove your faith other than by acting upon it. When we say to the mountain (discord) “be thou removed,” do we then act as though it were out of our way? Faith is bold and fearless. It is divided faith that fails. I might tell here of how simple faith in the Right and Good and absolute single-mindedness won for me a success which otherwise would never have come into my experience.
         It was some years ago while I was a public school teacher that, finishing my term in a suburb, I applied in person for a position in a large city. The Superintendent of the City Schools met me kindly, listened to my oral application, and then said; “We could not possibly give you a position to teach in our city. Firstly, we accept only College Graduates. This is absolute. Your certificate is Normal, and you would receive no consideration whatsoever. Secondly, every room in every school in this city has a teacher engaged for the coming term.”
         I listened in silence, thanked him for his time, left my name and address upon his desk, and walked out of his office.  The first thought that came to me was exhilarating. It was this: “There is no reason for you to feel disappointed. His decision is not final. He does not give you your place nor position in this world. God gives you your place.”  I did not understand then that my own right Mind was God, but my faith in Right and Might was omnipotent and I saw nothing at all in the way or in the path that I desired.
         It was the end of June that I made this application and not a word did I hear in furtherance during July and August of the vacation period. However, a doubt never entered my mind but what I would be given the position that I asked. Never once did my mind waver, worry nor fear.
         I knew it would come and simply I rested upon this fact. I felt it would come because it would be right. My parents were then living in that city and I wished with all my heart to live with them, for we had been separated for several years. The feeling that there was a place here for me because it would be good for us all was what gave me the supreme confidence and mental conviction of success. The first week of September was nearly passed, and but two days were left before the opening of the school term, still I can truly say that never a doubt nor anxiety entered my mind. I was calm, poised, at perfect rest in the feeling that I would have that place that I desired. That day a telegram was sent to me, by the very Superintendent whom I had interviewed, and the message told me that I had been appointed a position as teacher in his schools and he would expect me on the opening day.
        I can distinctly recall how I stood reading that telegram without a quiver of surprise, only gladness and joy.
        I soon discovered that the school in which I was placed was in the best residential section, the most desirable school in the whole city, the teacher appointed for that room being unable to accept the position.
        I obeyed the law of single-mindedness. I had supreme faith and loving feeling, and, of course, this fixed right sense and feeling manifested itself in the thing that I desired.
        The law of Mind says that with God nothing is impossible. Think of it. That is, everything right that it is possible for you to think and feel you can do or have, You CAN DO AND CAN HAVE." 

       In Ms. deWaters testimony we find an absolute principle at work; no one gives to us but ourselves.  Too often people will apply for a job or audition for an acting part looking to the interviewer or the casting director to give them the job and this almost always instills in the mind doubts and the possibility of rejection.  In consciousness this is felt by the interviewer or the casting director and more than likely impresses upon their mind a weakness in the one seeking the job.  We must always be definite about what we want and if we are not definite that we want something we should avoid putting ourselves in a position to experience our lack of desire for it.

        In realizing that "my own right mind was God" put Ms. deWaters in an uncompromising position ... she must receive that which she asked for.  When we take into our mind the truth that when our decisions are for that which is good and right and benefits all concerned, we can rest in the knowing that we shall have it.  This includes everything that we may want; money, position, relationships, homes, cars, etc.  As well as the things of the spirit that we feel when we know that we know; happiness, joy and peace of mind.

         Ms. deWaters had the "mental equivalent" of absolute Principle.  Whatever it is that we desire we must gain the mental equivalent of it in consciousness.  We do this by exposing the "images and likenesses" of it to our subconscious mind.  In other words, our mind must be prepared to receive that which we seek to experience.  These words from the great Rev. Ike will illustrate what I mean here.  This is from his book "Rev Ike's Secrets": 
"I tell my congregation in New York, "Always buy the Wall Street Journal."  Even if you don't know what it is all about, carry it with you.  Your subconscious mind knows what it is, and will pick up a certain feeling, a certain mentality from it.  Your subconscious mind knows that the Wall Street Journal is associated with high finance.  This is why I tell you, also, to be sure to get those high-class, high-living magazines like Town and Country.  If you don't want to read it all, just look at the pictures.  Your subconscious mind understands all of this.  All of this helps you to build a mental equivalent of money, affluence, opulence, and luxury.  And whatever you have the mental equivalent of will come into your life."

        As we embody the same absolute faith as Lillian deWaters in the power within us and the understanding of the power of the subconscious mind as taught by Rev Ike, we each can begin to re-affirm the prosperous life that is ours to experience.  As the Master Mind Jesus stated, "it is the Father's (Spirit's) good pleasure to give to you" and it can be our good pleasure to receive.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
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