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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, May 4, 2014 

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          There is a great difference in the things that we want and the things that we need for most of us.  There are those that tell us that "G-d meets all our needs" but for many of us meeting our needs does not fulfill our heart's desires.  For example we may need transportation to and from work.  A bicycle, for many of us would meet this need.  Yet, in our heart we may want a BMW X5 and if we receive a bicycle, what we want is not met but what we need is.  This is why we must make a "definite or positive choosing" of what it is that we "need" to fulfill our heart's desires or otherwise we will end up with disappointment ... and perhaps a bicycle that ends up in our next garage sale.  Many of those who teach spiritual treatment or effective prayer, will teach us to say lovely words and these lovely words will console our mind but they won't draw to us those things necessary for us to realize the good that we want.  The Master Mind Jesus stated that we are to "ask and we shall receive" ... and this "asking" must be a definite or positive choosing.  And what is meant by a "positive choosing"?  It means we are positive that this is something that we know will take our mind from wanting to rejoicing ... not disappointment or compromise with the desires of our heart. 

       There is no peace and no satisfaction in merely accepting what meets our needs.  The desires of our heart are just as important to us as the things that we need.  We need food and most of us need food every day.  But there is no great sense of satisfaction in eating beans and potatoes when we desire to eat in nice restaurants or bistros where food is opulently prepared and satisfying both to our need for food and our sense of living a prosperous life.  The desires of our heart that we are to "ask and receive" are those things that bring us a greater sense of joy.  People who feel a genuine sense of joy in their lives are always reflecting this joy towards all those they come into contact with.  A lack of joy is a symptom of no peace and no satisfaction in our soul.

Let's look at these words from W. Frederic Keeler and although this is written with some traditional words describing G-d, we can understand that the words Father, He, His and Him refer to the Unseen Presence of Intelligence, Power and Spirit:    Thinking as though you were in the Presence of God is the most simple kind of thinking and the most powerful thinking.  ... But most of us have a false habit of believing that we must do something in the nature of a great or mysterious mental stunt in order to come into the full powers of being. ... To practice the Presence will cure us of such nonsense and will show us the way. ... He who approaches God habitually in consciousness will surely experience healing and will come into a guided wisdom.  ... To practice the Presence by thinking in special prayer times, we simply do our best to rest alertly in His Peace.  In thought we dwell upon and within His Peace.  We endeavor to think as He would like to have us think. ... He is our Father (Creator), our Protector, the One who loves us.  We praise Him.  We sit before Him in Peace.  We offer Him the good things of our heart and of our thoughts.  ... In turn we accept from Him the Good Things He has for us.
       At first we do this very simply but we find that a sort of science develops within it all.  We speak.  We rest.  We listen with our hearts, not with our ears, and He speaks to us in Spirit, in intuitional ideas.  It becomes prayer and answer-to-prayer and we find that our troubles dissolve.  Not only does our troubled mind become more calm, more perfectly at Peace, but our whole life changes, and everything about us changes for the better.  Friends come into our lives, and things that are easily recognizable as being better for us occur.
        Within a reasonable time we prove that we are dealing with a tremendous Law for Good , for our good, for God's Good, and for the good of everyone.  No one can deny this, nor does any one ever deny it who has really and repeatedly tried it. ... This does not mean that one or two or a dozen attempts of this kind will accomplish all this.  But it does mean that it will all occur perfectly according to our ability actually to come into the Presence.  It is something to be learned and it is something God will help us learn.  In fact, He will give us the perfect ability to come into the Presence if we persist in the seeking.

        When the Master Mind Jesus called us to "love G-d with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your soul, and equally important, love your neighbor as your self" .. he was telling us that the Presence of G-d Is Omnipresent ... everywhere Present and within every living thing and our "recognition" is "registered" when we let love be our first thought about everyone and everything.  The spiritual practices that will cause "all good things to be added unto you" are simple, but require persistence.  It is persistence that has caused so many people to realize the right ideas, the right guidance and the next step that was necessary to create something new for themselves and for the world around them.  We will never experience the Peace of G-d unless we are willing to seek it.  And we must seek it in our mind even when our mind is filled with doubts and worries and frustrations and fear.  As we turn from these things and persist in realizing this Peace, we shall experience it.

Eric Butterworth in his book "The Universe is Calling" shares his wisdom about how finding our inner peace is so important:   
The interesting thing is that when you have a concern over some difficulty which has caused you to pray about it, you approach your prayer with a built-in anxiety or tension.  Thus, the very first step in the science of prayer is the conscious act of letting go.  If you begin your prayer with a judgment about the severity of the problem, you are saying, in effect, "Boy, this is going to be a difficult one."  You may clench your fists and tense your body.  It will be very much like driving with the brakes on.
        So, settle with the attitude of hopelessness.  Deny it, let it go.  Prayer is no time for physical tension.  If your hands are taut, that is a good signal that you need to let go.  You may say, "I have prayed all night about this problem."  But you are deluding yourself.  That was not prayer.  You were holding onto the problem all night.  You may have commenced your prayer with "Dear Lord" and concluded it with "Amen" - but you probably had an orgy of worry and self-pity in between.  Let go ... and let God.  "It is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom" (Luke 12:32).  The whole universe is conspiring to establish you in health and harmony.  Let go and let it unfold.  The universe is calling you to wholeness

       And so we have two different spiritual practices or ideas in which we can begin to use to realize the good results of our prayers.  Both Keeler and Butterworth have given us insight into the nature of the Spirit and how It responds to us.  We know that it always "corresponds" to us and so we must give it that to correspond to that It can work "through" ... peace with the need, peace with the problem, peace with the good desires ... and soon enough, and always right on time, we shall realize this peace.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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