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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for May 3, 2015

           I am no longer surprised at people's reactions to wealth.  It seems as though there is a continual mantra that the "rich are greedy" but seldom do we hear that those who blame the rich for their woes are envious and jealous.  I cannot imagine anyone not wanting to be rich.  And I am certain that those who are envious and jealous of the rich would not turn down a million dollars if it were offered to them.  If I could list the number of very rich people who do wonderful, beneficial things with their money there would not be enough space on this page to list them all.  Wealth doesn't come to people by chance but by consciousness.  Even those who receive inherited riches.  This is the truth that all too many people who rant about the 1% seem to ignore.

          Most people do not understand "consciousness" and therefore they don't understand a prosperity or wealth consciousness.  It is not about getting all the money one can get but about doing and being and enlarging the capacity to take in more of the abundance that G-d has supplied us with in the universe around us.  If we resent the rich or if we are jealous of the rich or if we are envious of the rich ... then we shall never elevate our consciousness beyond what it is now.  The Master Mind Jesus declared, "all that the Father hath is mine" ... mine to do with what I choose if I am choosing in alignment with the nature of the Father/G-d/Spirit.   And it is this alignment with the universal aspect of G-d that gives us the opportunities and ideas that provide for us the way in which we can enjoy more of the "all" that G-d has created.

           Here is an example of the mindset that obtains more of the abundance that is available; these are the words of the actor Bradley Cooper : 
"I just want to get better.  That's basically what it is.  I really want to just keep getting better and better and better and better ... there's literally no difference in my mind set from when I was a student."  It is this inner determination to get better that also "gets" those things that come with getting better ... including wealth, peace of mind and the feeling of being alive to life.

        There is no lack in the universe but there is a great lack of the number of people who believe that there is no lack in the universe which is why there is so much evidence of resent toward the 1% who possess so much wealth.  For so many of us we have allowed ourselves to feel the limitation of our past or present state of our affairs.  It is this feeling connected to lack, connected to poverty, connected to limitation ... that causes these things to persist in our life experience.  We "must" broaden our awareness of wealth, of riches, of an abundance of money if we are going to enlarge our capacity to have more, to be more or to do more.  The more riches we receive the more we can give to those things that matter to us.  There
are infinite ways in which we can use our wealth to make the world a better place for all of us. 

          Amazingly enough I found something inspiring in the New York Times Real Estate section on May 1, 2015.  What caught my attention is the "use" of the Bible verse Hebrews 3:4: 
" A sprawling aerie on the 53rd floor of One57, the sky-piercing condominium that has attracted demigods of international business and finance, sold to a mystery buyer, one seemingly versed in the teachings of a much "higher power", for $30,683,372.50 and was the most expensive closed sale of the week, according to city records.
        The "monthly" charges for the 5,475 square-foot sponsor unit, No. 53B, which was combined early on with 53C for a total of five bedrooms and five and a half baths, are $10,408.
         The purchaser, who was brought to the deal by Raphael De Niro and Danielle Sevier of Douglas Elliman Real Estate, was shielded, like many of the buildings buyers, under a limited liability company.  This one is named "Hebrews 3:4", an apparent reference to a passage in the New Testament of the Bible that reads in part:  "For every house is built by some man; but he that built all things is God."

         Now, some people will look at the purchase price and be intimidated ... others will look at the monthly maintenance charges and be intimidated ... but those in the right spirit will look at Hebrews 3:4 and realize that it is our "consciousness of G-d's Power, Intelligence and Spirit" that builds all things.  And in this consciousness we realize that not just the buyer received a greater good, but that all those involved in the building, the selling, the furnishing and the maintenance of this property will be enriched as well.  It is being in tune with this universal nature of G-d that will cause us to increase our wealth.  As we realize our own increase in riches it is a natural consequence that we enrich others.  And this we do every time we put money into circulation.

          Although one might think this condo was purchased by a minister or someone in a faith-based organization, it wasn't.  The statement derived from Hebrews 3:4 is the truth for everyone and for all time.  G-d is the creator of all things.  Yet, G-d must work through the consciousness of mankind in order to create the material things that bring a greater comfort and joy to life.  It was G-d working through the consciousness of Thomas Edison in 1879 to invent the light bulb.  It was the same G-d that worked through the consciousness of Steve Jobs and his associates to bring forth the iPhone in 2007.  Was G-d Intelligence available to create the iPhone in 1879?  Of course the answer is yes ... but mankind didn't have the consciousness for G-d to work through at that time.  

For those who want to possess great wealth, a mental equivalent or consciousness of great wealth must be cultivated.  It will never be achieved by looking outside of ourselves for our enlarged capacities, only from within can we embody the awareness that with G-d there is no big or small ... no lack or limitation ... and we must create this awareness in our own consciousness and realize that whatever it is that we have now, we realized it through our consciousness.  And in this realization, we can provide for ourselves and all those around us that more and more good that makes us feel fabulously rich.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
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