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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for April 27, 2008 

               Dr. Holmes has written the most powerful prayer-treatments of anyone, and he should, for "spiritual mind treatment" is Dr. Holmes' legacy to students and teachers of metaphysics.  After studying religious and spiritual writings of all the major religions, and then some, Dr. Holmes was guided to the work of Jesus and realized the way in which Jesus demonstrated healing through his consciousness.  As with Jesus, Dr. Holmes knew that in prayer, we are never convincing God of anything.  God Is always God ... Good.  And "knows" only Good.  Jesus knew this ... and Dr. Holmes was divinely guided to this realization by Spirit, because his desire to "know" was greater than anyone else's desire to "know" of his era.  "Spiritual mind treatment" was a supremely magnificent gift of Spirit, of Divine Intelligence, and Dr. Holmes accepted the gift to share with all who desired to receive it.  The following is one of Dr. Holmes' written treatments:

I have a deep and abiding conviction that there is one divine and perfect Presence in the universe; that the spirit of Truth is everywhere; that God is right where I am. There is neither doubt, confusion, nor fear, for I know I am rooted in the one and only perfect and divine Presence.
               I also realize that the divine Law of Life operates upon my word to bring about definite results in my affairs and the affairs of those for whom I am thinking. I have a complete confidence in the Law of Good, an unshakable trust in It, and complete reliance upon It. I know, as Jesus said, that "all things are possible to God;" that there is no limitation to the Law of Good. Therefore, in quiet confidence, in calmness and peace, and in perfect trust, I speak my word and accept for myself and all others, loving companionship, prosperity, joy, success, and peace.
               I am conscious that I am surrounded by Divine Love and Infinite Wisdom, and that the Life of God is my life now. I know that there is nothing in me which can hinder Divine Intelligence from governing my affairs, from daily guiding me into right action, therefore, I affirm that at all times I know what to do and am impelled intelligently to act on every right impression that comes to me.
- Dr. Ernest Holmes, "How To Use The Science of Mind"

     "There is but one Mind and we use It.  The laws of nature are universal.  Our use of them is individual and personal.  This is the secret of spiritual mind practice.  Our thought is operated on by a universal creativity which is infinite in its capacity to accomplish.  Thus, in taking thought we do not force anything, we merely decide what thought to follow, knowing that the result is automatic," Dr. Holmes writes.

     Spiritual mind treatment is not just a "method" of prayer, it brings into our conscious mind an intimacy and a personal sense of Spirit as "present" and "available" to us.  This awareness creates within us a feeling of confidence and calm no matter what we may be experiencing in the physical.  It is not hypnosis or mental coercion, or even mental suggestion; it is consciously becoming aware that there is a Power that we can use to demonstrate a greater Good in our life experience.  It is not so much the words that we use as the consciousness back of them.  

     Dr. Holmes wrote that, "this training of consciousness is not only important in this practice, it is the chief characteristic of it."  In other words, do we have an understanding and faith in the words that we use to demonstrate the Good that we desire?  The measure in which we do is our measure of consciousness of the thing desired.  For instance, the words we use, and our understanding of them, regarding money or financial prosperity, determines how successful we are in demonstrating greater financial prosperity.  If our consciousness continues to be aware of lack and limitation ... we can say the words "prosperity" and "wealth" a million times and we will continue to experience lack and limitation in our finances.  And so we know that we can use "spiritual mind treatment" to change our consciousness to realize that the Reality is abundance, not lack ... Health, not illness, and so forth.  And why is this so?  Because God Is abundant Good, Perfect, Whole and Complete ... and God is the Life within us ... desiring to express Itself to the level of Its true Nature, as us and for us.

Dr. Holmes teaches that we each must work for this "inner state of awareness" personally and individually, within our very own consciousness.  In practical practice, it is to remind ourselves of the Truth, or the Change-less Reality of the All-Good, that Is ... not that will be, or was ... but that "Is" ... the Great Un-Seen Good that we can accept in faith.  And as we choose our words precisely and intelligently to convince ourselves of this Truth ... and have faith that our words have been "given" Power, we will demonstrate a greater Good in all areas of our lives through our words of faith.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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