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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for April 13, 2008 

              But let them ask in faith, with no doubting, for they who doubt are like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind. - James 1:6, Holy Bible
                                                                                 Quench not the Spirit."  We are not to be ashamed of our trust in God, nor are we to deny the Inner Light that lights every person's reason to the ultimate reason of all.  Spiritual emotion is common to all people, and is one of the ways through which the Spirit works.  When this emotion is blocked, it hinders the currents of life from flowing and the result is stagnation. - Dr. Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

        There comes a time for all of us when we must take the time to honestly examine our beliefs.  What are we believing?  What are we believing about God?  What are we believing about our relationship with God?  What are we believing about ourselves?  These questions are of utmost importance if we desire to change the conditions and circumstances of our lives.  The only way we can increase anything is to begin right where we are, with what we have.  And our faith is the most important thing we have.

     In order to realize what we believe we must take the time to contemplate the questions; i.e. what do I believe about God? ... and most will say that they believe that God is Good or that God is All Powerful and All Knowing ... or simply that God is All.  And all of this is true ... but what we want to get at, is how is that true for us personally?  In other words, how does this belief about God demonstrate in our personal experience?  How does it demonstrate in our work, our relationships, our health, our wealth and our peace of mind?  These are just some of the things we can contemplate.

     An authentic spiritual life requires mental work ... thinking about God, nurturing and fostering our faith in this Power Greater than us, but which also in-dwells us.  Closer to us than breathing ... and for far too many of us ... totally ignored until something goes "bump" and we find ourselves feeling outside of Omnipresent Good.  Far too many of us read spiritual book after spiritual book seeking the answers that we will only find within us.  Far too many of us seek spiritual teachers, giving them lots of our money ... only to find out that they cannot "think for us" ... and the only thing that will ever create change in our lives ... is the way in which we think about God and our relationship to It.  Nothing else can and nothing else will, for no one can think for us.

     Now, I am not saying that there is no value in reading books or listening to the words of wisdom from spiritual teachers ... but, these are only "spiritual guides" ... they can only guide us by sharing their "truth" with us.  But ... their truth is not always our truth and until we find our own truth ... we are still "seekers of Truth" not "practitioners of Truth."  We must "practice" the Truth we have gained intellectually ... for practice is the only thing that will give us the consciousness to demonstrate the Truth in our experiences.

     How often should we take the time to "contemplate" our faith and beliefs?  No one can tell us, for this is a very individual thing.  But, I would suggest that if we have pressing issues in our lives, we might want to practice this contemplation daily until we begin to have peace of mind about our issues.  And if we find ourselves feeling separated from God, Infinite Spirit, this practice of contemplation will bring us back to the reality of our unity.

    It is my desire that each and everyone of us, fosters and nurtures a personal relationship with God, Infinite Spirit.  It is the most important relationship of our life ... and impacts every area of our life; finances, health, relationships, success ... and we must recognize this daily.

I am believing for everyone who reads these words that you are drawing closer and closer to God ... to the Good that you seek.  I am believing that God, Infinite Spirit, has a personal relationship with you now and always.  I am believing that no matter what your current experiences of life may be, that the moment in which you turn to God, God responds to you in the affirmative.  I am believing that in this great sea of life, our faith and belief in God is an anchor that will always keep us steered on the right course of action in all things.  I believe that what God does for one, God does for all.  And I believe that what one person can do ... everyone can do ... for the doing is God working through us, as us, and for us ... always and in all ways.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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