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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for April 6, 2008 

              You do not have to be consciously treating or praying, every moment.  As long as you have a subjective feeling of your one-ness with God, and that all is well, this feeling acts as a definite force that causes right-ness to appear.  You automatically react in terms of good.  Do not permit negative experiences over which you must demonstrate.  This pattern of good dissipates any negative emotions or feeling before they could form negative experiences.  Good is a positive force; therefore, it becomes a positive projection in your life.  Pray often and consistently.  Each time you pray, believe that something takes place. - Dr. Robert H. Bitzer, 1957, "The Creative Word"

Practicing the "Science of Mind' is amazingly easy.  It is a very simple teaching ... what you sow, you reap.  Life is like a boomerang; what we send out, comes back to us ... both positive and negative.  And when the boomerang comes back ... it won't do us any good to duck; that is, to make excuses or attempt to place blame on someone else.  We only get "ours' back ... not the good or bad from someone else ... so it is imperative that we are conscious of what we are giving to, or sending out, into the Universe.

      Dr. Holmes, author of "The Science of Mind," studied every religious and spiritual philosophy of the ages.  He was so impressed with the the Master Mind Jesus that 84 pages of "The Science of Mind" include the teachings of Jesus and writings from the New Testament of the Holy Bible.  Dr. Holmes knew that the Highest Truth ever spoken was, "I and the Father are One" ... and this statement is attributed to the Master Mind Jesus.  It is a statement of "Life Mastery" ... a revelation of such magnitude that it can change our lives and our world.  That is, if we take it to heart and consistently recognize the truth of it as a daily practice.

The following is perhaps the most mystical writings from "The Science of Mind" by Dr. Ernest Holmes (modified to gender neutral:  "There is One Infinite Mind from which all things come.  This Mind is through, in, and around us.  It is the Only Mind there is and every time we think, we use It.  There is One Infinite Spirit and every time we say "I am" we proclaim It.  There is One Infinite Substance and every time we move, we move in It.  There is One Infinite Law and every time we think, we set this Law in motion.  There is One Infinite God and every we speak to this God, we receive a direct answer.  ONE!  ONE!  ONE!  "I am God and there is none else."  There is One Limitless Life, which returns to the thinker exactly what we think into It.  One!  One! One!  "In all, over all, and through all."  Talk, live, act, believe and know that we are a center in this One.  All the Power there is, all the Presence there is, all the Love there is, all the Peace there is, all the Good there is, and the Only God there is, is Omnipresent.  Consequently, the Infinite is in and through us and is in and through everything.  "Act as though I am and I will be."

     Now ... if we choose to read these words every day until they become the truth within us, our lives will become so "Spirit-filled" that the "All Good" will be revealed to us.  We can say with confidence and with absolute conviction that "all is well" ... and all will be well no matter what is happening in any given moment.

There are those who teach that "all paths lead to God" ... but the error in this teaching is that we "go to God" ... we are not on a path going to God ... we are "in God" ... and this realization makes all the difference in the world.  We are never separate and apart from God ... God is the very Life within us.  It is not necessary to give up the Truth in order to "respect all religions' ... but at the same time, "respect" does not mean agreement.  I can respect all religions ... but at the same time I do not agree that there is a God "out there" that is not also "in me."  And I have long lost any thought that anyone can "save me" but myself; not Jesus, not Buddha, not Krishna ... no one.  "Saving me" is up to me ... and the way that I "save me" is to realize that my mind is One with the One Mind that Is God.  And as I "think the thoughts" that "save me" from false ideas, false judgments, and self-depreciation ... all will be well in my life.

      Spirit is Mind and Mind is Spirit ... that is why Jesus most often spoke from the subjective, or spiritual side of life ...  as did great mystics like Buddha, Krishna, Isaiah and John of the Bible.  They realized that Life is lived in the Spirit.  And the "spirit in which we live" determines our life experiences.  It is amazingly easy, as I wrote at the beginning of this essay, to practice the science of mind ... we just must begin to do it and consistently practice it.  "Act as though I am and I will be."  We are "in the Spirit" ... let's let the Spirit fill our minds and know "that all is well ... always."


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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