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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, March 30, 2014 

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           Most of us have learned that our thoughts develop our faith.  We can be conscious of the pattern of our thoughts through reflection or contemplation and in doing so we can begin to master our thoughts and therefore consciously create a receptivity towards a greater good in all areas of our lives.  I believe that it is important to remind ourselves daily that our thoughts are like a double-thread in our mind, both human and divine.  Just as a negative person is not always negative a spiritually minded person is also not always thinking spiritual thoughts.  Our daily activities almost guarantee us of the opportunity to shift back and forth in our mode of thinking.  It is this shifting our perceptions to understand why we think and believe the way that we do that will give us the greater opportunity to strengthen our faith in the Good.

         The master teacher Eric Butterworth in his book "Discover the Power Within You" offers us an opportunity to find a way in which to shift our understanding and awareness based on the teachings of the Master Mind Jesus: 
"The command to turn the other cheek has been grossly misunderstood.  It certainly doesn't mean that we should become doormats, or invite further assault.  It is strange - when Jesus says, "pluck out the eye," we know that He is using a metaphor that must be translated into modern idiom.  When he says "cut off your hand," we know He doesn't mean it literally.  Yet, we have missed a dynamic lesson because we have insisted on accepting the idea of turning the other cheek in a completely literal sense.
          Remember, Jesus has made the great discovery of the Divinity of Man.  He is trying to help us realize that there is always a depth-potential of strength within us even in times of weakness.  He is telling us that if we find ourselves upset over something another person has said or done, our upset indicates that we have been in the wrong state of consciousness.  To react to it in this same state of mind only compounds the problem within us.  Jesus says, "Turn to the other side of your nature. You are both human and divine.  There is that in you that can never be hurt, that is always poised and peaceful, that knows your spiritual unity with God and knows that no one can take your good from you.  In this diviner state of consciousness, the hurt is healed, the influence of the other person on you is nullified and you become a healing influence upon him."

         Most of us who take the time to reflect on what we have believed and accepted as truth throughout the years will realize that our thoughts have changed about many different things.  There was a time when we accepted roles in our life that no longer served us and therefore we shifted in our thinking about what we choose to experience and what we no longer accept for ourselves.  The ancient wisdom speaks to this as the "age of reason," the time in our life when we form our own opinions and make our own choices.  We are not here to live to someone else's idea of what our life should be and more and more there are people who are finding the freedom to live to their own personal choices.  It is an issue for many people to face uncertainty.  Yet, our only way in which to experience real change and new-ness is to face uncertainty.  As we take it into our mind that we are always supported by a Power Greater, though invisible, we shall see the invisible made visible in our experience.

        I have seen people move across the country with no guarantee of a job and what appeared to be limited funds, but with their enthusiasm for change and their positive hope that whatever they need will show up, they have been successful in creating a new life for themselves.  Early in my studies I often heard the statement, "argue for your limitations and their yours" and this has always proven to be true as I have worked with people to pursue their goals and ideals.  Our faith in the All-Good can prove for us that limitations are only a part of limited thinking and in truth we have the power of Spirit and Intelligence within us to reject any limited thought and open ourselves to the more, the greater and the better at all times. 

        Let's look at what Eric Butterworth tells us in his book "life is for living" ...  "How easy it is to lose sight of our objective in life!  We often exist from day to day believing that the most important thing is a kind of peace that means no problems, no changes, and no challenges.  Life is for living, and growing, and overcoming.  Your purpose in life is to grow and develop as a person, to release your own inner potential. ... Life is for living, and you can live in peace and happiness and fulfillment in terms of inner growth and outer achievement.  Start where you are and do what you can with what you have.  What you can do depends only upon your faith to believe that God is your all-sufficiency in all things."

Eric Butterworth tells us how to release the Power for Good in our life; and that is to learn to depend only upon our faith to believe that G-d is our all-sufficiency in all things.  And to depend upon our faith is to align our thoughts that this is the truth for us and that we can realize the good results of what we entertain in our mind.  As we reject the thoughts that create limitations, excuses and things that seemingly block us from the good that we desire, and replace these thoughts with images and ideas that empower us, we shall find a greater sense of the Spirit being empowered through us, as us and for us to do that which we desire to experience.  Let's remind ourselves of Job in the Bible who went through disaster after disaster but finally "got it" in his mind and in his own sense of the presence of the Power of Spirit declared: "But he knows the way that I take; when he has tried me, I shall come forth as gold." As we know the "he" that Job refers to is the confusion in his own mind.  As we remind ourselves that in every problem there is a solution, in every change an opportunity, and in every challenge there can be spiritual growth, then we shall realize a greater sense of the presence of the Spirit in our lives ... and we shall experience Spirit empowered living with grace and ease.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

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