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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for March 30, 2008 

              All the good that is to be made manifest in man's life is already an accomplished fact in divine mind, and is released through man's recognition, or spoken word, so he must be careful to decree that only the Divine Idea be made manifest, for often, he decrees, through his "idle words," failure or misfortune. - Florence Scovel Shinn, 1925, The Game of Life and How to Play It

"There is a power within me that can lift my life to its highest level" ...  and this statement is true.  But, without our "recognition" that this is so, this power lays dormant within our mind and nothing happens for us.  This power within us is Spirit ... It is vibrant, radiant, and powerful.  As we align our thoughts and our beliefs with It, we can realize the most marvelous things in our lives.

     For so many of us, we have experiences that are uncomfortable, and we let the experience dominant our mind.  Perhaps our finances are lacking, or our health is challenging, or our relationships are evidencing discord ... but, if we focus on these as negatives, we will not move out of them.  There is nothing that can come to us that cannot be transcended.  But ... you might say, you aren't experiencing what I am experiencing!  And, I would say, that is not the truth.  For there is only two things that any of us ever experience ... we are either experiencing the Presence of God in our life, or we are experiencing separation.  Both of these experiences originate in our mind and are determined by our dominant thoughts and beliefs.

     This week I had the opportunity to talk to a young woman who I have not seen for a few months.  She was radiant and very happy.  Last year she had been diagnosed with cancer.  But, she made the decision that she was going to transcend it and see herself healed.  She turned away from seeking material things, and focused entirely on the things of Spirit.  As she followed the instructions of her doctors and availed herself of the medical aids that were available to her, she kept the idea in her mind that cancer, is just a word, but it is not a word that could dominate her mind with fear and worry ... unless she let it.  Each time she heard or read the word "cancer" ... she substituted the idea of "can cure" ... and affirmed, "Mind can cure cancer, and It does."  She let the words of healing; peace, love, gratitude and joy, dominant her mind.  She knew that neither she nor the doctors could heal her body ... but she knew that this Power Greater than her, could heal, if she gave It an inlet into her mind.  And she could do this with the thoughts and beliefs she focused on.  The evidence of cancer is gone, and in its place her mind is filled with peace, joy, love, and gratitude.  Her faith invited healing into her life and it has lifted her health up to a higher level.

     I also had the opportunity this week to talk with a businessman, who by all appearances is very successful and prosperous.  He told me that he is afraid to buy anything right now due to the seeming economic downturn.  He told me that last month he lost over $20,0000 in the stock market, and already this month he has lost $7-8 thousand dollars.  He said he is so afraid that he will realize losses that he can never recover.  His mind is so filled with fear and he is so emotionally attached to his experiences, that his mind cannot conceive of solutions.  As we know in the Science of Mind, we must treat our fear, for whatever dominates our mind, manifests in our experience.  Sadly, this man was not open to a solution and therefore not ready to eliminate fear from his consciousness.  And for many, this is the case.  It is not that he lacks faith, for he has a great faith in that which he fears.  This faith can be re-directed to the Good, but we have to consciously choose to do it.  No matter what our past experience has been, or how much fear we have let in, we can choose the Good, and the Good can be realized.

     The Master Mind Jesus said that "the kingdom of heaven is within you," and so we know that this is where we connect with the Power of God ... within our mind.  And what is this "kingdom of heaven" but our dominant thoughts and beliefs that fill our consciousness.  In the scripture we can read "ask and it shall be given" ... "seek and you shall find" ... "knock and it shall be opened unto you" ... this "asking, seeking, knocking" must be done in mind.  We must ask definitely, seek solutions, and knock with perseverance, within our consciousness.  And when we do, we are "knocking on heaven's door" ... and as we replace our fear with fearless faith ... the doors of heaven, our very own consciousness, will manifest for us a greater Good than we can imagine!


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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