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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for March 22, 2015

          Invariably when anyone hears the name Jesus their thoughts almost immediately associate the name with religion, specifically the Christian religion.  Yet, in truth this is a very limited idea of who Jesus was and what he was giving to the world through his teachings.  The fact is, Christianity and Catholicism do not have an exclusive on Jesus.  The truth that he was teaching could never be limited to a religion.  Religion by its very nature is man-made and being man-made it is always limited.  No one truly understood the teachings of Jesus for centuries after he was no longer here and the interpretations of his teachings must be evolved in order to be more fully comprehended.  After all, to understand anyone's consciousness we must have that consciousness or something greater.  And since he was no longer here mankind was left to its on interpretations.  And not just a few would cry out to G-d in prayer, "let the mind be in me that was in Christ Jesus!"  For as we seek to have a higher realization of what he was teaching, we find that in order to do so we must elevate our consciousness.

        The 20th Century metaphysical teacher/healer Joel Goldsmith stated that there is no new truth, only the one eternal Truth, but differing ways in which to present it.  And it is in the presentation or teaching of Truth that Jesus was a Master Mind.  His teachings have something for everyone no matter what level of spiritual awareness, education or IQ they may be aware of.  And this is why his teachings have caused thousands of differing interpretations.  I have heard ministers refer to Jesus as God even though in this he was very clear ... "don't call me good, only the Father (Spirit) is good."  In Christianity we will find ministers and preachers quoting the writings of the Apostle Paul and crediting the words to Jesus.  All this is just a simple reminder that Jesus was correct when he stated that "all is consciousness" ... our consciousness is what we perceive as true.

        One of the most fascinating movements to arise from the teachings of Jesus is the "Jews for Jesus" movement.  I found this in their "Statement of Faith": 
"We believe that God the Father is the author of eternal salvation, having loved the world and given His Son for its redemption.
           We believe that Jesus the Messiah was eternally pre-existent and is co-equal with God the Father; that He took on Himself the nature of man through the virgin birth so that He possesses both divine and human natures.
            We believe in His sinless life and perfect obedience to the Law; in His atoning death, burial, bodily resurrection, ascension into heaven, high-priestly intercession and His personal return in power and glory."
Like most Christians, "Jews for Jesus" believe that Jesus led a "sinless life" ... but if we "study" the life of Jesus we find that his belief in the "All-Ness of G-d" as Spirit, not a spirit, developed through trial and error (sin?).  Jesus' words give evidence that what he did we can do too ... "and greater things still."  At no time did he deny the Divine nature of mankind but attempted to get us all to accept it as the truth of who we are and to "seek the kingdom of G-d within."  Never will we find anything said or referred to by Jesus that he was born of a virgin mother.  This defies Intelligence and it was this universal, omnipresent, omnipotent Intelligence aspect of G-d that Jesus was calling us to realize.  Unlike Jesus, the "Jews for Jesus" movement wants Jews to become Christians ... something I am absolutely certain Jesus would never do!

       One of the most popular movements based on the teachings of Jesus is "A Course in Miracles" made even more popular by the amazingly wonderful Marianne Williamson (from Wikipedia): "A Course in Miracles was written as a collaborative venture between Schucman and Thetford. In 1965 Schucman began her professional career at a medical center as Thetford's research associate. After a time of their weekly office meetings becoming more contentious, Thetford concluded that "There must be another way."  Schucman believed that this speech acted as a stimulus, triggering a series of inner experiences that were understood by her as visions, dreams, and heightened imagery, along with an "inner voice" which she identified as Jesus. She said that on October 21, 1965, she believed that the "inner voice" told her: "This is a Course in Miracles, please take notes." Schucman said that the writing made her very uncomfortable, though it never seriously occurred to her to stop. The next day, she explained the events of her "note taking" to Thetford. To her surprise, Thetford encouraged her to continue the process. He also offered to assist her in typing out her notes as she read them to him. The transcription the next day repeated itself regularly for many years to come. In 1972, the dictation of the first three sections was completed but the dictation of the last two sections of the material lasted until November 1977.
From Wikipedia we can read:  "The metaphysical level, which in this case is "strictly non-dualistic". In strict nondualism, everything involving time, space, and perception is regarded as illusory. This nondualism states that God is the only truth and reality: perfect, unchanging, unchangeable, extending only love, though not in time and space, which can not really be comprehended from a dualistic perspective. The theory further states that all life as we perceive it is actually one life (because God has only one son, sometimes called the collective sonship), dreaming of separation and fragmentation."

         Of course the fundamentalist and evangelical Christian leaders denounced "The Course" as satanic, anti-Biblical and a false revelation.  Yet others saw it as "Christianity improved" ... better, but still trying to "hold Jesus" to religion.  "The Course" is definitely not religious.  (from ACIM web site) "It is presented as a universal, self-study spiritual thought system, the Course is a unique process for teaching forgiveness and how to remove barriers in the student's mind to the awareness of love's abiding presence."

        The metaphysical teachings of Jesus are the basis for many 19th and 20th Century spiritual movements; the Unity Movement, New Thought, Religious Science, Divine Science, Christian Science and other independent spiritual teachers such as Christian D. Larson, Ralph Waldo Trine, Emma Curtis Hopkins and of course, Joel Goldsmith. 

        Christian D. Larson gives us one of the most insightful illustrations of the Master Mind Jesus' spirituality: 
"Be not anxious for your life."  Live your life according to the very highest light that is within you; use fully and well all the powers that you have received; give your best to the world at all times and under every circumstance, and depend upon the Infinite for everything that existence may need or desire.  You will receive it.  You need not be anxious about anything.  God is greater than anything that can possibly happen.  Have faith in Him and He will see you safely through.  Things go wrong only when you fail to be your best and fail to take God with you in everything you do.  It is therefore in your power to place yourself in that position where everything will go right.  The lilies of the field are all that beautiful lilies can possibly be, and they depend wholly upon the powers divine that are within them.  Accordingly, they are an inspiration to all the world.
The soul never acts alone; whenever the soul acts, God acts also, in the same place, at the same time, and for the same purpose.  Whenever the soul undertakes anything, there is immediate and direct assistance from the Supreme.  Therefore, the soul can never fail; nor can any personal undertaking fail that is prompted, directed and inspired by the soul.  My Father (Spirit) worketh and I work; and I am the soul.  So long as I know and feel that I am the soul, the soul will act in all my work, and where the soul acts there God will act also, because the two are One.  What the soul begins, God will finish; what the soul aspires to be, God will cause to be." 

       Clearing our mind of anxiety is a must for spiritual realization, for new ideas and solutions to come to our awareness and more.  In this simple teaching Jesus almost becomes the great psychologist as well as a Master Mind.

       Consider taking the time to study these words from the great Unity teacher/minister/author Eric Butterworth:  
"When we are told "The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil," [1 Tim. 6:10] Jesus is pointing to the problem of looking to outer things and experiences as our good. In this consciousness, there is strain and strife and worry. He says, "Be not anxious about these things, but seek ye first the Kingdom and all these things shall be added unto you." [Matt 6:33]
     As the sap flows up through the apple tree, it enables [the growth of apples], and it results, ultimately, in bushels of apples. So we might liken the recognition of the Kingdom within. The apples are thrown off as a natural result of the upward flow of the sap. This is what happens when we become One with Life - when we understand the "mystery of the Kingdom," when we know that our good comes from within, instead of thinking that we use life.
      Jesus wanted us to see that to have more, we must be more, and [to know] that life is consciousness. The moment that the recognition of the Power takes place, and we begin to accept the promise, "Come ye blessed of my father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world," [Matt. 25:34] then the unspecialized Substance of Spirit is particularized as the fullness of our needs. We are told then, "And my God shall supply every need of yours according to his riches and glory.." [Philippians 4:19]
Someone may say, "But if the Kingdom of Heaven is really right here within me, if seeking it will give me the things that I desire, if my desires are really God's urge to express through me, if God and His creations are good, then how can I express anything but good? How can I ever be sick? How can I know lack or have inharmony in my life?" Well, as Children of God (part of), we are heir to all things, but we cannot claim our Inheritance in the Kingdom and still dwell in "the courts of wickedness." We are told, "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty." [Psalm 91:1] And that's not easy! But that is what consciousness is all about. We must not only believe in this Inner Potential, but we must act as if we believe it, and let the belief become the basis and the motivation of our thoughts and our words and our actions. We must come to live and move and have our being in the consciousness of our Divine Sonship! It is not easy. But then, that is what the study of Truth, or of Life, is really all about."

Let’s not freak out about Jesus or confuse our mind with religion.  If we do we will never realize the “truth that can set us free” for it is within his teachings … not within religion … and perhaps we won’t even find it within many of the spiritual movements … but if we seek, we shall find … and that is the truth.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

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