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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, February 23, 2014 

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           "Be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only; deceiving yourselves. (James 1:22) ... My creative word is my silent conviction that my prayer is answered.  When I speak the word for healing, success, or prosperity, my word is spoken in the consciousness of life and power; knowing that it is done.  My word has power, because it is one with omnipotence.  The words I speak are always constructive and creative.  When I pray, my words are full of life, love, and feeling.  This makes my affirmations, thoughts, and words creative.  I know the greater my faith behind the word spoken, the more power it has.  The words I use form a definite mold that determines what form my thought is to take.  Divine intelligence operates through me now and reveals to me what I need to know.  I have the answer now.  I am at peace.  God is Peace." – Dr. Joseph Murphy, "Think Yourself Rich"

          This affirmation by Dr. Murphy can instill in our mind a confidence and a richness of Spirit, that will draw to us ideas and thoughts that can guide us to a greater awareness of the possibilities for our lives.  The power resident within us draws from the Power of the Infinite and as our mind becomes more in tune with the Infinite, the more of this Power we shall find active in our experience.

          In James' quote from the scriptures we can read into his words a frustration that is so often experienced by people.  So many of us believe, or at least think we do, in the power of our word, but we often don't see any tangible results of our prayers and affirmations.  This thought is what leads us to frustration and so we must change this thought dynamically.  Back in my old profession as an accounting manager I found that when we encountered a problem that we couldn't solve right away the best way to solve it was to go back to the beginning and work our way forward.  This we can do in our mind to vitalize our thoughts and in turn bring a fullness of life to our words when we pray or affirm our good.  It is a simple process of looking at what we already have and realizing that all that we have we desired at some time in our thoughts.  The clothes that we wear were first desired before we possessed them.  The furniture in our homes, the very home that we live in, the car that we drive, and the work that we are employed at ... all were first a desire in our mind.  Do we want to increase the quality of these things or the quantity of these things in our life?  Then, the way in which we do it is to instill in our mind that we had the power of attraction within us to draw these things that we have to us and that same power within us can draw to us the "greater" or that which we now desire.  If we think this sounds too simple it is because it is ... but it takes thought and thought takes time and directed thought takes concentration or focus.  This is being "doers of the word" rather than just "hearers of the word" ... it is putting what we believe into action ... in our mind.

       In the book, "Think Yourself Rich" Dr. Murphy writes:  "A sales manager sent me one of his employees for counseling.  Rhoda G. was a brilliant college graduate and knew her products very well.  She was in a lucrative territory but was making only about $30,000.00 annually in commissions.  The sales manager felt she could easily double or triple that.
          In talking to Rhoda, I found she was down on herself.  She had been born in a family trapped by poverty.  Her parents always took it for granted that she was destined to live in poverty just as they did.  Instead of putting stress on the value of ambition, education, or hard work, they made fun of her aspirations for a better life.  They told her she was getting ideas above her place in life.  Her subconscious mind, especially impressionable in someone so young, accepted these imposed thoughts.  Even when she chose an occupation that gave her the possibility of achieving her dreams, her subconscious belief in lack and limitation held her back.
          I explained this to Rhoda, then told her she could change her subconscious by feeding it with life-giving patterns.  Accordingly, I gave her a mental and spiritual formula to follow that would transform her life.  I stressed that she should under no circumstances deny what she affirmed, because her subconscious mind would accept and manifest what she believed.  Every morning before going to work, she affirmed:
          "I am born to succeed; the Infinite within me can't fail.  Divine law and order govern my life, Divine peace fills my soul, Divine love saturates my mind.  Infinite Intelligence guides me in all ways.  God's riches flow to me freely.  I am advancing, moving forward, and growing mentally, spiritually, financially, and in all other ways.  I know these truths are sinking into my subconscious mind and will grow after their kind."  
          A year later, I received a telephone call from Rhoda.  She told me her life had been transformed as a result of the ideas we had discussed.
          "I have learned to value myself," she said.  "I am appreciating life now, and wonderful things have happened.  My commissions over the last 12 months have amounted to almost $150,000.  That's about five times what they were the year before.  And last week my boss asked if I'd consider supervising sales in the entire southeastern district."  As Rhoda realized, her success came as a result of learning the simple truth that whatever she inscribes in her subconscious mind becomes effective and functional in her life."

        Most of us realize that Dr. Murphy's wise counsel will work for anyone.  So many of us have gone through life with deeply held feelings of unworthiness or issues of self-esteem.  Even those who have been born into seeming wealth and privilege sometimes struggle with thoughts and ideas that diminish their self-worth.  That old saying, "money doesn't buy happiness" is true ... a healthy feeling of self-esteem generated by a feeling of worthiness and self-confidence is not dependent on anything to be happy and that includes money.  We can know with confidence that happiness draws to us all things necessary for us to become aware of the ideas and opportunities that will heal us, prosper us and bless not only ourselves but all those we come into contact with.  Unworthiness and low-self-esteem presses against us mentally, emotionally and even physically, draining our energy and our capacity to draw from the Infinite the power, the intelligence and the spirit in which we can thrive in life.  We have the power to avoid this and this power is within our mind ... it is within the mind of every one of us ... and we can use it to the degree that we choose to give it our time and attention.

        As we take the time to instill within our mind and impress upon our subconscious the truth that we are here to live life to the fullest, to enjoy the abundance that G-d has provided for us and to live with a feeling of joy in our hearts and peace in our soul, we shall find the evidence of this truth materializing in our experiences of life in expected and unexpected ways.  We shall find that our thoughts about ourselves, our work, our relationships and our health, are all enlivened by this action in our mind.  And soon enough, we shall feel that our life has suddenly changed for the better and the greater things still show up with grace and ease. 


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

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