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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for January 25, 2015

        From all that I have learned and experienced I truly believe that Life is meant to be experienced as the Living Spirit of G-d expressing through each of us.  It is when we are conscious of this Living Spirit as our "true self" that we begin to understand that we must align ourselves with the nature of Spirit through an understanding of spiritual laws and principles in order to "let" our true self become our "dominant self."  When our true self is dominant we experience spontaneous joy, our imagination is alive with creativity and our heart is filled with hope.  We become aware in our mind of greater opportunities to express our talents and abilities. 

       Most of us have heard that we are to be grateful, and in turn our gratitude will draw to us a greater good.  We have been told that expressing love for all will align us with the nature of G-d/Spirit.  And these are true to a point, but our human nature will resist them when we feel isolated from happiness and peace of mind.  

      The person who seeks to obtain more of the world in order to realize happiness and peace of mind often find themselves instead in the darkest hours of their soul.  Depression, despair, hopelessness and the inability to even know what it is that they want or desire is all too often the resulting experience.  It is as if they have hit a brick wall and all that brings happiness and peace of mind is on the other side of it.  And they have no idea of how to get through it ... or overcome it.  Within the mind there comes an inkling of a thought that change is necessary.  But change seems difficult and confusion fills the mind because until the change is made within, the outer remains the same.  

       We are all too aware of the stories of the miseries that the poor and the sick endure.  The Media brings these to our attention almost on a daily basis.  There will be those who will tell us that "poor and sick" is not the truth about them and this we know is true.  But, the facts have been accepted and so the poverty and illness have resulted.  Yet, there is little reported on those who are wealthy and healthy yet are lacking in happiness and peace of mind.  That is until the results of their state of mind manifests something that gets the attention of others or the Media.  The old adage "money doesn't buy happiness" is true ... to a point ... it cannot buy happiness for the mind that is fastened to a quiet desperation darkens even wealth and health.

       Our human reaction too often is to make a crack in the brick wall and patiently and persistently widen the crack to experience more of that which is on the other side.  But this, for most, is but a temporary relief.  A similar temporary relief gained from alcohol or drugs or the attaching one's self to another's higher consciousness.  The way that is necessary is to elevate our consciousness by elevating our thoughts, our thinking, and our awareness.  Instead of going through the brick wall ... we must rise above it.

         From Joel Goldsmith we can read: 
"It was said to our ancient Hebrew prophet, "Look, look out! All of this land, that you can see, is yours. I give you land as far as your eyes can carry from a mountain top." The higher up you go, the further you will see. The higher you go in consciousness, the wider and broader will be your vision, and the more you will see.
         The first thing you know, you realize---because it will happen... "Why, I am not even here. I am not even here on this limited piece of ground. I have broken through this limitation of the skull. I am no longer tied up inside of a skull bone. I am not even limited to this body. All of sudden, I am I. I am I."
        "Now as I look up, I can see ten thousand miles of sky, and ten thousand miles of ocean, and I can see people of all nations, people of all qualities, and quantities. All of a sudden I find that I am I. I am out of the shell. I am out of the skull. I am on a mountain of vision, and I am hearing it... ‘All that you can see is yours.’"
          See, see? Not with your eyesight, all that you can apprehend---all that you can comprehend---all that you can discern, anything that you can envision, is yours. "The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof...All that I have is thine." The whole earth, the times and the tides are thine. "I and my Father are One."

       It is our limited belief that we are only human that provides for us the miseries of life and the dark nights of our soul.  To see beyond the human self of us, the physical, requires persistence and a steadfast decision to escape the limitations we have learned from the world.  It takes a continual recognition and identification with our spirit, our true self ... and to recognize that our infinite ability to perceive more, to realize and experience more than we have ever accepted for ourselves before is at hand.  It has always been and will always be.  We don't have to break through brick walls or climb the highest mountains ... we must only break through the veil that the physical world is all there is ... stop being mesmerized ... and come into the realization that we are as unlimited as we can conceive ourselves to be.

"There is a law of sowing and reaping. But it lies on the world not like a judgment but a promise. It is the law of creativity. And it says, Sow and you shall reap. But you shall sow what is yours to sow, that you may reap what is life's to give. For the seed is in your hand, but the harvest is in life's hand. Sow a thought, and reap a revelation. Sow a hope, and reap a miracle. Sow a dream, and reap a new life for yourself and perhaps for all the world." - James Dillet Freeman


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
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