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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for January 13, 2008 

              “The purpose of life is to recognize the true source and nature of the self and its power.  You can learn to let your true nature assert itself.  In this higher awareness there is only good, and it can bring only good to you.  The infinite Mind includes us in its well-being.  If you do not interfere by blocking this life stream with your negative thought, it will always express its complete right action in everything that concerns you.” - Dr. Robert H. Bitzer, Collected Essays (pg. 103)

Wallace D. Wattles in "The Science of Getting Rich," cautions us against getting too involved in politics.  Political affiliations, like religion, are man-made institutions that are by their nature, divisive.  And in our current culture, they have become competitive.  Our unadulterated mind is not competitive, it is creative, as there is no competition in Mind, in which we are all One.  I believe that Dr. Wattles knew that politics can distract us from our own path of success and wealth.  And I believe wholeheartedly that no matter who is elected President, Prime Minister, etc., our measure of success and wealth is independent of these things.  "You must get rid of the thought of competition. You are to create, not to compete for what is already created," stated Dr. Wattles.  The "competitive mind" can feel a sense of helplessness and despair when their competition seems to be winning ... the "creative mind" instead is so involved in creating that it is not concerned about what others are doing.

     I will have to admit that I have a fascination for politics ... not in a competitive way, but because like spirituality, there is a certain "mystery" involved in politics.  Just as people are drawn to certain religions, people are drawn to political affiliations and political candidates.  The "mystery" of it is interesting to me, as there are many reasons given as to why people make their choices.  The competitive nature of politics is very visible in the United States ...  but as Oprah stated, "just because I am for someone, does not mean I am against someone else."  Oprah's statement is creative, not competitive ... although it can easily be twisted otherwise by unenlightened minds.  And I believe that if more people would get this idea of not being against someone, in their minds, our political passions would change dramatically to something far more affirmative rather than competitive.  If our desire is to "defeat" someone, we make "defeat" a part of our reality ... and we may be the ones who end up defeated.  Mind is impersonal ... and it is important that we understand this.

     This past week, I was very fascinated by a news stories concerning Senator Hillary Clinton, our first woman candidate for President in the United States.  The news media was filled with reports about her almost-tearful exchange with a woman questioner at a political rally.  And throughout the week there were many news interviews questioning her about this.  But, one interview in particular caught my attention, and that was the first few words she spoke about it with Katie Couric of CBS News ... Katie didn't get it and went right past it ... but her words were something like, "there was a moment when I just knew everything would be okay" ... now, Senator Clinton did not say that she knew she would win ... after all the polls showed she would not ... but that everything would be okay.  And I believe that she had what is referred to as the "brick wall" experience that many of us have had, when we realize that "I of mine own self can do nothing" ... it happens when we finally give up our human efforts and our attachment to the results ... and surrender everything over to Spirit, knowing that there is a Power Greater than us that knows our highest and greatest Good.  And when this realization enters our mind, it can be a very soulful experience touching us mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  For many of us, the realization of this experience does not always happen at the time of the experience, but only upon reflection.

     I believe that political passion should be a part of every politician's mental make-up.  But, I also believe that unless we are in politics our passion should be reserved for our own life's work. 
" If you do not interfere by blocking this life stream with your negative thought, it will always express its complete right action in everything that concerns you," Dr. Bitzer wrote.  If our political action is based on being "against someone" or the desire to "defeat someone" ... it takes on a negative quality that insures discord in our own personal lives.  There is only One Mind, God ... and It is no respecter of persons.  Its nature is "impersonal" ... whatever we believe into It ... It will reflect in our experience.  It is a good thing to "be for" a political candidate ... but let's keep our political passions affirmative.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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