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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, January 12, 2014 

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          For those of you who are familiar with spiritual principles the content of this message may not be new for you.  Even if it is not new for you, this is an opportunity to create a more powerful "imprint" or "impress" on our consciousness with these changeless, immutable, universal truths.  I often hear from people who tell me they have been studying spiritual principles or have been following the teachings of the Master Mind Jesus, but yet the issues in their lives have not changed for the better in any great measure.  I, too, have experienced this at times and I have found that a review of what I know and believe to be true has generated within me that greater awareness of the power of my faith and sure enough, I move right along towards the goals and good desires that I choose to experience in my life.  This can be true for everyone for as we know, what one can do, all can do.  We just must be insistent with ourselves that we can.

         Let these words from the mystical Ernest Holmes guide you to realize that which you need to know in order to foster and nurture the good desires in your heart so that you may experience those things that you are choosing for yourself:  "
There is a Universal Mind, Spirit, Intelligence, that is the origin of everything:  It is First Cause.  It is God.  This Universal Life and Energy finds an outlet in and through all that is energized, and through everything that lives.  There is One Life back of everything that lives.  There is One Energy back of all that is energized.  This Energy is in everything.  There is One Spirit back of all expression.  That is the meaning of the mystical saying:  "In Him we live, and move, and have our being". [This Energy is Intelligence]
         The life which we live is the Universal Life expressing through us, else how could we live.  Our thought and emotion is the use we make - consciously or unconsciously - of this original creative Thing that is the Cause of everything.  Therefore, we shall say that the mind, spirit, and intelligence which we find in ourselves is as much of this original, creative God as we understand.  That this is not robbing God is a self-evident fact.  Since we are, then we are real and actual and have existence; and since we can reduce all that " is" to a fundamental unit, we find that we have this proposition:  
          There is Spirit - or this Invisible Cause - and nothing, out of which all things are to be made.  Now, Spirit plus nothing leaves Spirit only.  Hence there is One Original Cause and nothing, out of which we are made.  In other words, we are made from this Thing.  That is why we are called the "son (part) of God."
           We now know that this is what we are - because we could not be anything else - but we do not know how much of this we are!  When we see It as It is, then, we shall see ourselves as we are.  Hence, we shall find a better God when we shall have arrived at a higher standard for man-kind.  If God is to interpret Itself to man-kind, It must interpret Itself through man-kind.  And the Spirit can make no gift that we do not accept."

At the soul-level each one of us knows that what Ernest Holmes has told us is the Truth.  Centuries ago the ancients gave us this same wisdom and Truth and so we can use our spiritual discernment and recognize that this is a changeless Truth and once we embody this at the deeper level of our mind we shall see the good results that are G-d's Good desires for us.  This is the transformation that most of us seek to experience.  In the Christian faith it is referred to as the "born again" experience.  That is, we feel renewed and almost new in our relationship to our Higher Self; and recognize Spirit expressing as us.

        Let's look at these few passages from Ernest Holmes:  "We are thinking, willing, knowing, conscious centers of Life.  We are surrounded by, immersed in, and there is flowing through us, a creative Something ... call It what you will.  The sum total of all our thought, will, purpose, and belief, creates a tendency in this Law that causes It to react to us according to the sum total of that belief. ... We must learn to believe.  The approach should be direct, and it should be specific.  ... Suppose one is laboring under the idea of limitation.  Our whole thought is a picture of limitation.  Where are we placing ourselves in Mind?  [in Spirit]  Are we not, in substance, saying:  "I cannot have and enjoy good things"?  And we are demonstrating that we cannot have, or accomplish, good.  It may take time to reshape the basis of our thought; we must commence by saying, "I perceive that because I am what I am - because of this Infinite Thing that over-shadows eternity and finds Its abiding place in me, I know that good is now mine - all good."  There is no mental coercion in this.  We do not will things to be done; things are brought into being, not by will, but by the power of the self-assertive Truth. ... How much can we have?  Just what one can believe.  How much can we see, how much can we accept, how much can we find in our consciousness that is no longer repudiated by our own denials?  Whatever that is, that much we can have."

      And so we see that in these words the mystical Ernest Holmes is giving us not a new truth, but a different way of expressing in words, the one Truth; changeless, universal and eternal.  This instruction to be direct and specific speaks to the way in which the Master Mind Jesus spoke His word and received that automatic correspondence from G-d, Infinite Intelligence.  We must be dynamic as we name the Good that we desire to experience and claim it in consciousness ... and do this until we have received it.  This, as Holmes tells us is not mental coercion, but instead is the way in which we "displace" the thoughts of delay, the thought of having a  block, the thought of being obstructed or whatever it is that we believe keeps our Good separate and apart from us.

       With words filled with simplicity, Ernest Holmes gives us this wisdom:  "The gardener goes forth in faith to sow his seeds.  He has learned that as he sows, so shall he reap; that the law works for all alike.  We must accustom ourselves to the "impersonal-ness" of the law, the availability of the law, and the mechanical accuracy of the law.  If we can conceive only a little good, that is as much as we can experience."  At this point we must pause and ask ourselves, what are we sowing in word and in thought in the Spirit?  Perhaps we can conceive of a great measure of Good and perhaps we have faith ... but how much do our words and our thoughts ... our words about ourselves and our thoughts about ourselves ... our words about others and our thoughts about others ... keep us from enjoying the great measure of Good that we can conceive for ourselves?  Spiritual law is as simple as the law that governs the seeds that the farmer sows into fertile soil.  G-d love and law flows through the material just as it flows through our mind ... as we learned earlier,
"there is Spirit - or this Invisible Cause - and nothing, out of which all things are to be made" ... this is why the ancient wisdom tells us to "pray without ceasing" ... in other words, to make use of our words and our thoughts to bring forth our good desires and to refrain from accepting the negative, false ideas of the world as truth in our mind.  "We must instill into the mind the fundamental proposition that good is without bounds.  Only good and loving-kindness shall "follow me all the days of my life." (Psalms 23)  We must get this concept, rather than continuing to think there is a power of evil as opposed to the power of Good.  We experience good and evil because we "perceive" a presence of "duality" ... which may be a fact, but it is never the truth.

      Knowing that G-d, Spirit, Almightiness, works for us by working through us ... that is through the beliefs and ideas that we hold in our mind as true ... we must leave behind the "childish things" ... that is the belief in evil or simply a power that can oppose the All-ness of Power, G-d ... working through our faith.  And this you can do in perfect faith as you know that Spirit works through you.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
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