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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for January 6, 2008 

              “You and I are essentially infinite choice-makers. In every moment of our existence, we are in that field of all possibilities where we have access to an infinity of choices.” - Dr. Deepak Chopra

Here we are in a New Year and many of us are desiring greater success, greater prosperity and a greater feeling of fulfillment in our lives.  Most of us lead a fairly comfortable life; we are employed, have a home, and are fairly healthy.  But, for many of us, this is not enough.  We desire more from life than just being comfortable.  WE WANT MORE ... A LOT MORE!  As the great Emma Curtis Hopkins stated, "there is Good for me and I ought to have it!"  This is a statement of great Hope.  And as long as we have hope ... we have an opening in our mind to let in the ideas that will bring us the great success, prosperity, health and passion for life that is possible for us.

      To have more, to be more, or to do more, we must CHOOSE MORE ... and we do this in our consciousness.  We must choose to put the past behind us ... both the good and the not so seeming good.  We must choose to be wealthy by giving our full attention to wealth; see ourselves as wealthy ... see ourselves happy being wealthy.  Build the idea of wealth into our mentality.  Realize that we have an "invisible" means of support.  That God responds to our choices ... our definite choices.  We can't allow ourselves to think anything can keep us from being wealthy and successful.  The feeling of wealth and success attracts to us wealth and success.  We cannot allow ourselves to lose sight of this.  The mind that seeks to be "comfortable" is not seeking wealth and success.

     To have more, to be more, or to do more, we must CHOOSE TO GET OUT OF OUR COMFORT ZONE ... and be willing to close the door on those things that no longer support us in our Good.  Be willing to let go of the people who do not value us ... especially those who criticize us or diminish our self-worth in any way.  Leave the people behind us whose conversations are filled with negativity.  If we want to be highly successful and wealthy, this negative chatter will distract us.  Instead we should seek to surround ourselves with people who sincerely support us in our success.  No one can fully share our vision for our life ... but, all those who we are in contact with personally must support us in fulfilling our vision.

      To have more, to be more, or to do more, we must CHOOSE TO DO MORE ... and act immediately on the ideas that come to us.  Now is the time!  There is no better time to act on the ideas that are appealing to us.  We must not wait until we have the money ... or the approval of others ... or the details of how our success will come.  Acting on the ideas that come to us will lead us to the next step and the next, until we know the way.  We must be willing to live with uncertainty ... and be excited about it.

       To have more, to be more, or to do more, we must CHOOSE TO GIVE UP THE EXCUSES ... and we must learn to recognize when we make excuses ... and let them go.  The only thing that can stop us from achieving that which we choose to achieve is our thought that we can't.  No one or no thing can stop us!  We must be very, very clear about this.  So, the excuses have to be eliminated from our consciousness.  Any thought in our mind that does not affirm our success ... is an excuse.  We must loose it from our mind.
        To have more, to be more, or to do more, we must STOP DANCING WITH THE DEVIL WE KNOW ... we must stop thinking that the job we have outgrown is going to change.  We must stop thinking that the people who undervalue us will miraculously begin to value us.  The only opinion about us that should ever concern us, is our opinion of our self.  And most of all, we must stop playing the "comparison game" ... the way to win the game of life is to be single-minded towards our success.  Envy and comparisons will only stop us from focusing on our own success and wealth and cause us to be unaware of the wealth of ideas necessary to move our vision forward.

We have a new year ahead of us, but we must not live even one day "unconscious" of our vision for greater success and wealth.  By becoming successful and wealthy we can contribute far more to the world in which we live than in any other way.  We won't be successful by making money a god ... but we will be successful when we know that money comes to us from a consciousness that is filled with the Power and the Presence of God ... eliminating all fear and doubt about our ability to use the Power that God has given us to use. And as we do, this Power will respond to us.



Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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